Wonder about the benefits of collagen? In this post, I share why I take collagen every day, what collagen I use, and how I take it. I would love some Continue Reading

Wonder about the benefits of collagen? In this post, I share why I take collagen every day, what collagen I use, and how I take it.

I would love some of your thoughts on collagen. I searched your blog and found lots of posts about different deals to purchase it in powder form or under eye pads, masks, etc. but I was curious how you personally use it.

I’m pretty sure that it was on your weekly habit tracker, so I was just curious how you personally take it and what brand you recommend, and why you value it. I couldn’t find where you talked about why this is important to make your habit tracker list. -Courtney

Why I Take Collagen Every Day

Great question, Courtney! I started taking collagen every day at the strong encouragement of the pelvic floor therapist I went to after Kierstyn was born. She said that she believes every woman should take it, but it’s especially good when recovering from childbirth and as you are getting older (I turn 40 this year!)

According to her, it’s not only great for your skin, nails, and hair, but also for your ligaments. (There are a lot of articles on the importance of collagen and how your body’s production of it declines as you age. Here’s one article here.)

In all honesty, I’ve not seen a huge difference by taking it, but my pelvic floor therapist made such a difference in my recovery from pregnancy and childbirth that I’ll do whatever she tells me to do. Plus, I sometimes struggle to get in enough protein every day, so taking collagen is one extra form of protein!

What Brand of Collagen I Take

My pelvic floor therapist recommended that I get a tub of Vital Proteins collagen from Costco as she said that’s a good brand and a good price. However, Jesse did some research and decided that he felt like the Trailhead brand and the Ancient Nutrition brand were better quality, so that’s what he’s been getting for me. (He buys it at a local nutrition shop that he goes to regularly.)

I’m not sure on the price of Vital Proteins from Costco (anyone know?). It’s more expensive on Amazon ($43 for 28 servings) than what we pay for the Trailhead and Ancient Nutrition brands at the nutrition shop (about $35 for 40 servings). Collagen powder is not inexpensive, but it’s less than $1 a day and I figure that’s a good investment in my health!

(If anyone has suggestions on where to get good deals on quality collagen, definitely let us know! I’m new to this and still learning!)

How I Take My Collagen

I have found that the easiest way to take collagen is to put a scoop in my tea every day. I just stick the tea bag and the scoop of collagen in the bottom of the mug/tumbler and pour the hot water over it and stir. It completely dissolves and is totally tasteless — so long as you mix it in enough liquid.

(I also add some sugar or honey and lots of half and half, so maybe that helps mask the taste? One time, I added collagen to just a little bit of decaf coffee I had left in a cup and it made the coffee taste off since I mixed a full scoop into just a 1/3 cup or so of liquid. So I’d recommend adding it to a full mug!)

Many people also add collagen to their coffee or smoothies and it should be tasteless that way, too!

There you have it! It takes very little effort and it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my health every day!

Have you taken collagen before? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences and any recommendations you have as far as brands!

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