According to a coffee association survey, now is a good time to start a coffee and tea shop business. This is due to the fact that local coffee consumption is expanding Continue Reading

According to a coffee association survey, now is a good time to start a coffee and tea shop business. This is due to the fact that local coffee consumption is expanding by 8% per year and the Indonesian market has a constant requirement for local coffee.

When you are opening a coffee shop, you would want to keep your production costs as low as possible. You can achieve this by doing research like learning more about coffee, coffee consumption trends in Indonesia, coffee suppliers, and the right place to source the best coffee shop equipment.

Before you open a coffee shop, these are the things you will need for your coffee shop:

1. Coffee Maker

The most important thing when you open a coffee shop is a coffee machine. About 30% of coffee shop sales are generally black coffee, so you need an automatic coffee maker that can produce a large amount of coffee per day.

Look for a coffee machine that is fast enough to fulfill coffee demand, especially during peak hours so you don’t have to brew coffee repeatedly. You may need an Espresso machine for customers who prefer Espresso, as the price of this coffee machine is quite expensive, so make sure to check the demand for Espresso in your coffee shop beforehand.


2. Coffee Grinder

In addition, coffee shops generally store coffee in the form of coffee beans to keep the coffee fresh. Therefore you need a coffee grinder or coffee grinder, choose the right coffee grinder because it will make a difference to the taste and aroma of coffee. If one coffee making equipment is not enough, then you should use according to the needs of your coffee shop.


3. Milk and Water

While not technically the right liquid equipment for making and mixing drinks has a big influence on the quality of your coffee shop products, equipment for milk and water is still important.

Some of the tools you need to open a coffee shop business include a milk steamer or milk frother, and if possible add a filtration device to your Espresso machine to improve the quality of coffee flavor and extend the life of your coffee machine.


4. Cooling System/Freezer

Opening a coffee shop or coffee shop business, of course you have various food ingredients that must be in a cold state. For that you need a freezer or refrigerator in your coffee shop. Such as frozen food that can be baked in the oven, milk and other drinks or syrups, should be stored in the freezer. Choose the size of the refrigerator or freezer that suits your storage needs and look for a freezer that can last a long time.


5. Ovens, Grills and Cookware

Most coffee shops have a good selection of breakfast items like pastries and breads or snacks like cookies and cakes. It is likely that some of the food available is still in the form of frozen food or frozen food such as pastries, for which you need cookware such as a grill or oven to keep the food warm when served.


6. Product Display

When you open a coffee shop, you will have food and beverages that require a special place to keep the product fresh. This requires refrigeration for your cold beverage products as well as displays for the food products in your coffee shop.

What you need to pay attention to is the aesthetic side, how to choose a good display like an arabica coffee, a design that harmonizes with the theme of the coffee shop and the size of the display that fits the area of your coffee shop. Product display is a mandatory list that must be included in opening a coffee shop.


7. Storage of Ingredients & Tools

A coffee shop uses a large amount of coffee beans and a wide selection of beverage toppings, so you must have a storage area to make it easier for you to use these ingredients. Some coffee bean storage containers, pump containers for syrups, and storage for utensils such as spoons and more.

If you have an effective storage system, your coffee shop business will also run better. Make it easier for employees and avoid losses, use good containers and storage areas and in the required quantities.


8. Security System of  Coffee Shop

Every trading business needs an excellent system to prevent crime in and around their business. This includes security equipment such as cameras, burglar alarms (both at the front and back doors of the coffee shop). In addition, the use of surveillance cameras also serves to keep an eye out for cheating from your store’s employees.


9. Cashier System & Cashier Devices

Without an efficient and reliable point of sale system, your business can be hampered by slow payment processing, poor inventory management and inaccurate transaction recording.

If your Point of Sale (POS) system is cloud-based, you don’t need to be worried about tracking your transaction or stock data as the system will help you to do it all anytime and anywhere. Luckily, cloud-based POS systems are now not simply lightning-fast, but also something you can rely on. You may require all the items on that coffee shop equipment list or maybe just a few. To understand what tools you will need the most of, consider the type of customers your coffee shop has and their needs and wants.

After you have finalized your coffee shop equipment list, design your store and merchandise, create a recognizable brand, and select cashiers and a barista for your coffee shop. When you have a great business plan and the necessary equipment to support your business, your coffee shop will be better equipped to grow and be successful!

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