If you have a knack for teaching, a proliferation of online tutoring platforms plus the COVID-19 pandemic have created numerous opportunities to make money instructing students and sharing your Continue Reading


If you have a knack for teaching, a proliferation of online tutoring platforms plus the COVID-19 pandemic have created numerous opportunities to make money instructing students and sharing your skills.

Of course, you don’t have to leave your house to be a tutor anymore. Here are 11 companies that let you teach and tutor online.

11 Companies That Let You Tutor Online

1. Tutor.com

Established in 1998 and affiliated with The Princeton Review, Tutor.com helps K-12 students, as well as college students and adult learners. It offers assistance in 100 academic subjects.

To work with the company, you must be at least a sophomore in college pursuing a four-year degree or have a four-year degree or higher. The company says it employs many professionals as part-time tutors including teachers, graduate students, math and science professionals and computer science experts.

The services are available 24/7, and tutors can create a regular schedule, pick unscheduled sessions, or take established appointments. The pay rate for sessions depends on the subject you are tutoring, with the opportunity to earn incentives. Glassdoor salaries show the average rate is between $9 and $13 per hour, though some subjects, like math, can bring in up to $26 an hour.

When you apply to work for Tutor.com, you will have to take a subject test.

2. Skooli

Skooli offers tutoring for K-12 courses as well as college-level classes. Tutors can be based anywhere in the world, but they must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, have solid written and spoken communication skills in English and pass a criminal background check.

Skooli tutors can log on to the site and accept sessions in the moment. They “are paid a competitive hourly rate based on qualifications and experience.” Specific information about payment can be found here.

To apply, you must provide proof of qualifications and education, and if you are a good fit you will then be verified.

3. Yup

Are you good at math? If the answer is “yup!” this company could be a good fit for you. Yup offers 24/7 online tutoring in math up to Calculus AB. It also offers ACT and SAT prep.

To become an online tutor for Yup, you’ll be required to submit a written application, as well as take some exams to ensure you know your stuff. You’ll also need to take part in a mock tutoring session.

Online tutors for Yup make between $10 and $14 per hour, according to Glassdoor.

4. TutorMe

TutorMe offers 24/7 online tutoring in over 300 subjects, as well as for the ACT and GRE.

To be considered as an online tutor, you must be currently enrolled or have graduated from an accredited university. You also need previous tutoring or teaching experience, as well as mastery of the subject you wish to teach.

The acceptance rate for online tutors with TutorMe is only 4%, so be sure you are fully qualified before applying.

If you meet the qualifications, you will be paid $16 per hour.

5. Outschool

Outschool is a learning platform that lets you host live online classes in any subject for kids ages 3 to 18.

You’ll create a listing for your class and set the price. Learners on the platform can sign up and attend classes through live video and messaging, and Outschool keeps a 30% fee from enrollments.

The company told The Penny Hoarder that teachers can earn between $40 and $100 per hour.

You don’t have to have formal teaching credentials. You just have to pass a background check and must be a citizen or resident of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

6. TakeLessons

TakeLessons lets you create a free profile to teach skills like music, art, language, acting or dance. Students can find you and book live online (or local) lessons through the platform. You can set your rates, and the platform handles booking and payment for you.

Popular subjects for online classes include singing, various musical instruments, language lessons, acting, dance and drawing.

The company requires you to fill out a profile of your experience and complete a background check. TakeLessons’ website says it’s actively seeking online teachers in every city in the United States.

7. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors facilitates online learning through live online classes, practice tests and study resources.

To become a tutor, apply through an online application, go through a phone or video interview and conduct mock tutoring sessions. Varsity Tutors helps you connect with clients and teach classes live online or locally.

The company doesn’t list tutor requirements publicly, but it does let learners know it looks for these qualities in tutors:

  • Exceptional teaching and communication skills and friendly demeanor.
  • Prior teaching or mentoring experience.
  • Expert-level knowledge of the subject you’ll teach.
  • Ability to develop individualized curriculum.
  • History of academic excellence.

8. Cambly

Cambly is one of the most flexible platforms for online English classes. It doesn’t require a degree or prior experience, and you don’t have to go through an onboarding process.

You’ll just create a tutor profile, where students — adults and children — can find you and book lessons. Pay is 17 cents per minute, and you can teach sessions of any length as much or little as you like. An hour-long session would land you $10.20 per hour.

To qualify to teach through Cambly, you just need a native level of English fluency, a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet.

A woman teaches kids from her home.

9. VIPKid

As an online tutor for VIPKidid, you’ll provide one-on-one ESL tutoring to students in China. You must have a bachelor’s degree, but you can tutor from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada (although the company is not currently taking applications from people based in California)..

Contracts last for six months and can be renewed. The base pay as a VIPKidID tutor is $7 to $9 per 25-minute session, but you also have the opportunity to earn incentives, based on referalls and how many classes you finish in a month.

10. Landi Subject English

This online tutoring job is another good opportunity for any ESL tutors out there. As a tutor for Landi Subject English, you would be teaching English to Chinese students.

If you want to apply for this online tutoring job, you must be able to commit 18 hours a week over six days a week, holding tutoring sessions between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. EST.

Applicants should also have a bachelor’s degree. Having a teaching certificate such as CELTA or TEFL is preferred, but not a requirement.

If you meet these requirements, you will be paid $10 to $18 per hour. The company also offers referral incentives.

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11. Boxfish

More than 5 million Chinese students use Boxfish to learn English. Boxfish provides course materials and lets you teach scheduled or on-demand classes with one to four students.

Pay on the platform is $10 per 25-minute session — so up to $20 per hour. You can teach through a computer, laptop or smartphone as long as you have a high-speed internet connection.

To qualify as a Boxfish teacher, you must have grown up in an English-speaking country — preferably the U.S., Australia, the U.K. or Canada — and have a bachelor’s degree. An English teaching certificate isn’t required, but it’s a bonus.

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12. Tutor City
Tutor City Tuition Agency is the leading agency for online tutors and home tutors of all occupational types; you can give tuition as a freelance tutor, a fulltime tutor or you may be an MOE teacher looking for a side income.
The tutoring rates can range from $20 to $70 per hour for primary level, $25 to $90 per hour for secondary level, and $40 to $130 per hour for JC or IB levels.
You can check their new tuition jobs here and application can be done online. Registration is free.

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