Need some unique baby gift ideas this year? Don’t miss this list of my tried & true favorite baby products! {You might also enjoy this Expectant Mothers Gift Guide I Continue Reading

Need some unique baby gift ideas this year? Don’t miss this list of my tried & true favorite baby products!

{You might also enjoy this Expectant Mothers Gift Guide I put together last year! And be sure to check out all the latest Baby Deals we’ve posted!}

So many people have asked me what our favorite baby products are, so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of the baby products we have most loved this past year with having two babies 11 years after having our first three.

Even though it’s 11 years later, I’m still pretty minimalistic when it comes to what you need for a baby, so this is our list of tried and true favorites.

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My 10 Favorite Baby Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for baby gift ideas this holiday season, these are some of my favorite baby products we’ve used over and over again this year, in no particular order. These span a broad range of prices, so hopefully there’s something here for everyone’s budget!

Baby Gift Ideas Our Favorite Products

1. TETHY Diaper Bag Backpack — I still cannot believe that this was less than $20! I has rave reviews and I know why: it is a great diaper bag at an amazing price. I especially recommend it if you are looking for something roomier and/or have two babies. It has plenty of space to store everything, it is cute, and it even has a laptop sleeve. I think it would also be great for taking on flights… when travel becomes a normal part of our lives again!


2. Cuddlebug Swaddle Wraps — When the babies were newborns, these were lifesavers! They loved to be wrapped in them and it helped them to sleep so much better! We tried a few different swaddles, but these were our favorites.

Baby Mirrors

3. Baby Mirrors (for vehicles) — I highly recommend getting mirrors for your vehicle if you have babies in infant seats. Not only does it give you peace of mind to be able to see them, but we’ve found that it helps our babies feel more secure because they are able to see us, too. These are the ones we have and like.

Baby Gift Ideas Nasal Aspirator

4. Baby Nasal Aspirator — This is one of the baby tools we have used probably the very most (making it a really practical baby gift idea!). It’s easy to use, it has fun lights and plays fun sounds (to keep the child engaged instead of scared), and it really works. It’s so much better than those hospital suction bulbs! The only thing I dislike about it is that you do want to clean it after every use and it requires a little bit of effort to take it apart to clean. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not hard at all. We also have the NoseFrida and we’ve found that it works better than the nasal aspirator now that the babies are older.

Bassinet baby gift ideas

5. Delta Bassinet — We bought these for both babies and have loved them. We never set up the battery powered noise pack, but for the price of these, we thought it was very well worth the investment. Best of all, there are wheels on the bottom, so you can easily move it from room to room — which we often did if we wanted to lay a baby down in it while cooking in the kitchen, etc. I even wheeled it into the bathroom multiple times to be able to have eyes on a baby while taking a shower. (Hey, when you have a baby or two, it’s all about figuring out creative ways to make meals and take showers!)

Winkle Toy

6. Winkle Toy — A friend gave us this toy and said it was her baby’s very favorite toy. Well, her baby must have good tastes, because this toy has ended up being both of our babies’ favorite toy, too! In fact, they like it so much that we now have multiples of them so they can each have their own! It’s a rattle, teether, and sensory toy all in one. Plus, they can play with it and enjoy it at multiple stages. If you’re looking for unique baby gift ideas on a budget, this is a great option!

Double Stroller

7. Chicco KeyFit30 Infant Car Seat — I LOVE these car seats and they get really high ratings. The nurse at the NICU told me it’s one of their favorites for tiny babies especially. You can use it for babies from 4 lbs. to 30 lbs., which was especially helpful since both of our babies were tiny in the beginning. We bought a used double stroller base frame off of NextDoor for $15 that can fit the Chicco car seats and then we also have this stroller base frame for just one car seat that we use if we’re just taking one baby somewhere.

Bottle Warmer

8. Ecomuum Electric Bottle Warmer — This year was my first time ever to delve into the world of formula and bottles (I’ve always exclusively breastfed and I never had enough supply to pump many bottles with my other babies.) So we’ve had to learn a lot in a short amount of time. When Champ came home from the NICU, he was still in tiny preemie clothes and diapers and he had gotten very accustomed to having his bottles served to him at the perfect temperature. (They have these cool — and very pricey! — bottle warmers they use at the NICU.) We quickly discovered that he was quite picky about bottle temperature, so I researched bottle warmers and found this one had good reviews. It ended up being the best thing ever! We’d make his special recipe formula in big batch to last the whole day and then we’d pour it into bottles, keep them in the fridge, and just warm them in the bottle warmer whenever it was feeding time. He’s now a lot less picky and will even drink a bottle cold, but we still occasionally use the warmer.

Baby Gift Ideas Portable Bottle Warmer

9. Tommee Tippie Portable Bottle Warmer — If you have a baby who likes a warmed bottle, this is a great option for warming bottles when you aren’t at home. It’s a little bulky, but it gets the job done — and it keeps the water warm for hours. Just be careful that you don’t spill it when you’re warming the bottle!

Nail trimmers unique baby gift ideas

10. Electric Nail Trimmers — Ever tried to trim little baby nails and found yourself so frustrated because their nails are so tiny and you are scared you are going to cut your baby’s skin? I’ve got the solution for you — electric baby nail trimmers! When I was pregnant with Kierstyn, my sister gave me these electric nail trimmers and I have fallen in love with them. They are so easy to use, they won’t cut your baby’s skin, and they really work! (I love these so much that I wrote a whole post on them. Check it out here.) This is one of the most unique (and frugal) baby gift ideas ever, and I think just about any parent would love receiving these.

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What are your favorite can’t-live-without baby products? I’d love to hear!

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