Online Project Management Certification can be obtained by passing a rigorous exam administered by the Project Management Institute. The credential is impressive to prospective employers as it indicates a high level of knowledge and expertise. Most frequently, people who want to advance in a construction-related career obtain the certification. However, it is suitable for many other fields as well.

Project Management Certification

Having this credential helps verify that a candidate is skilled in following through on difficult, complicated projects from the planning stages through project completion. These individuals gain a competitive edge and may also command higher salaries. The certification can be useful not only in the world of construction but in information technology, engineering, and organizations that need operations managers.

Operations Managers

Operations managers are found in a broad range of industries and specialties. Examples include commercial trucking and logistics, manufacturing, purchasing, and hospitality. Typically, this type of position is focused on day-to-day operations, solving problems, and making sure everything runs smoothly. The manager steps in when disruptions occur and figures out how to resolve these issues.

Project Managers

Project managers, in contrast, typically focus on specific endeavors that an organization wants to develop and complete. In construction, project managers may be independent contractors who concentrate on getting a large structure built for a client. This might be an expansion of the current building or a new building on a different property. Some large corporations, however, employ construction project managers because they always have this type of work occurring. A very large new building might require two years to complete.

Relevant Bachelor’s Degrees

In addition to the certification, employers and companies hiring independent contractors look for many other qualifications. The positions have such a high level of responsibility that these organizations must be sure they are hiring the right person for the job. Typically, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required unless an individual has many years of relevant experience. Degrees commonly mentioned in job descriptions as preferred ones include project management, general management, business administration, and information technology. A project management degree might be included in the business or engineering department.