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Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors. We provide you with accurate, reliable information. Learn more about how we make money and select our advertising partners.

You try to budget carefully. You’re pretty frugal. But after payday, there’s hardly anything left over. Where does it all go?

With so many different bills to keep track of each month, it can be tough to see leaky spots in your budget. Luckily, an app called Truebill can do it all for you — and it could save you $720 this year.

You’ve probably heard of them by now. It’s been making a name for itself by helping people find and cancel forgotten subscriptions, negotiate lower bills and track their budget — all in the same app.

How Truebill Could Save You $720 This Year

Most of us have something quietly siphoning off our buying power, whether it’s bogus administrative fees baked into our bills or subscription services we forgot about. (84% of us have a forgotten subscription!)

Truebill will help you with both. And the average Truebill user saves $720 a year. Seriously.

With its subscription cancellation service, you no longer have to weed through every one of your bills, trying to keep everything straight. Is this charge from that company? Or was it the other one? Which card is that bill on? Is it on autopay? When will they bill me? And what’s my password, again?

Truebill’s subscription cancellation service shows you all your recurring expenses in one place. All you have to do is tap the ones you want to pause — you can easily restore them whenever you’re finally ready to really use them. And Truebill handles it all for you.

With bill negotiation, Truebill’s reps will work directly with companies to negotiate a lower monthly rate on your behalf — without sacrificing the services you still want.

Just upload a picture of your statement, and Truebill will get to work negotiating a better rate on your cable, internet, credit card and phone bills (and more).

And there’s really not much you need to do on your end. Simply let Truebill get to work reclaiming your money.

Everything in One Place

Bills and other recurring expenses are just part of the picture. But you don’t have to leave the Truebill app to see the rest.

There’s also a budgeting tool that can help you track and visualize your cash flow, savings and investments. It lets you set notifications to alert you when your spending starts to strain your budget.

You can even link your budget to one of its smart savings accounts so that any money you reclaim gets stashed there.

The app features a credit-monitoring tool that gives you a look at your credit scores, history, updates and insights.

You can also pull back and get the full view of your finances with the app’s net worth view. From here, you can see all your income, spending, debt, bills, investments and assets.

It’ll show you how your finances are trending and give you insights on how to grow your money.

Getting the Most Money Back

Seems like a lot of work, right? That’s why Truebill does all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is sign off on these money-saving changes.

Just register an account on the app or website to see how much you could save this year. Then just link a bank account and step back while Truebill goes to work.

Plus, your financial information is completely secure. Like big banks and other financial institutions, your information is encrypted through Plaid.

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